Infant Maternal Mortality Prevention

The Infant Maternal Mortality Prevention Reminder (IMMPR), as implemented at the largest Angolan Mobile Service Provider Unitel, helps to lower the infant and maternal mortality by an estimated 20% years in pilot regions of Angola.
To give Angolan newborns and their mothers a chance for a better, healthier life, the idea of sending vital information to mothers of newborns via mobile phone arose. Due to the high illiteracy rate in Angola of 30% on average and more in rural areas, text messages where not an option for the service. 
As a result a voice service was designed comprising dynamic voice messages, based on the child’s development stage at a given point of time and the reaction of the mother. The messages contain important information for the mother and her newborn, ranging from hygiene tips and vaccination alerts to reminders to keep the next medical check-up appointment for the newborn.

For more information on our activities in Angola, please download our Unitel Case Study.

Further Application Examples

  • Information on local medical services
  • General information on medication and treatments
  • Information on risks and side effects
  • Health education
  • Remote monitoring of patients
  • Increase awareness on nutrition, hygiene issues and health risk factors
  • Contact information of medical services or doctors


  • Offer sustainable value added services
  • Inform illiterate persons and rural inhabitants out of reach of local health care
  • Provide drug intake and nutrition advice and alerts
  • Patient survey option
  • Concise Reporting


  • Easy upload of voice content
  • High outbound throughput
  • Interaction with speech recognition and text-to-speech available
  • Campaign management and reporting
  • Interaction using native language speech recognition


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