Network Contact Center for Telcos

Provide a Cloud Contact Center for Corporate Customers

The CreaLog Network Contact Center Solution opens up great opportunities for Communication Service Providers to approach their corporate customers with a compelling value proposition and offers great scaling flexibility for their customers: Its deployment options range from small businesses in need for a flexible automatic call distribution (ACD) system right up to enterprise organizations wishing to implement and operate a feature-rich contact center or unified communications and collaborations platform (UCC) serving their customers at any time or place. The Telco Network deployed Contact Center Solution opens up an easy way for migrating Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) into the cloud through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.

Corporate customers of network operators may start with a contact center offering telephone services only. But often the need arises for an expansion by an integrated and highly advanced interactive voice response (IVR) system for call steering, caller identification and customer self-service for rapid first call resolution. Important options include Call Recording for quality management, transcription of communication for documentation, as well as Speech Analytics for word-spotting and data mining.

Setup and integration

The Network Contact Center Solution can be deployed on dedicated hardware or on the network operator‘s existing virtualization platforms. Whichever choice network operators opt for, all of the Network Contact Center Solution functions are always available in their latest releases. CreaLog‘s multi-channel Network Contact Center thus provides network operators with a Cloud answer to their corporate customer’s needs.

Our solutions are already used by organizations with more than 20,000 service agents. With years of experience in implementing contact center solutions for network operators and their corporate customers we are ready to assist you now.

Ease of use for contact center agents

Logging on to the Network Contact Center Solution is easy for all contact center agents: All they need is a browser to enter their user name, password and their phone number — whether in the office, at a remote branch office workplace, in their home office or even using their smartphone or tablet on the road.

Another most simple option is the log on by telephone using a personal access code. In this way, even a person without access to a PC or mobile device can participate in customer communication using the Network Contact Center Solution.

Reports and statistics

Site and customer administrators as well as supervisors can prepare and retrieve a broad range of performance figures and reports related to their respective work areas, covering individual agents or skill groups. Hourly, daily, and monthly reports as well as agent and call queue statistics are available.

Webchat option

Many of your clients might want to increase customer satisfaction by offering online consultation on their website as well. The WebChat module, opens up a direct contact channel on the company’s webpage for interaction and to answer questions.

Email option

When integrating email in the contact center, the same distribution and processing requirements as used for phone calls are applied. Using IMAP access, messages are retrieved from business customers' email servers at definable intervals, routed according to various criteria and overflow rules and distributed to skill groups.

IVR or VoiceBot option

Using the IVR/VoiceBot Module, operators can offer their customers voice portal technology featuring sophisticated speech recognition, voice biometrics, and text synthesis technology. And there is no need for these customers to invest in implementation and technology expertise.

With over 50 languages and dialects to choose from, we offer a broad choice for customer communication in native languages.

For details please download our Network Contact Center White Paper

Features at a glance

  • Carrier Grade for  TDM, VoLTE, IMS, and NGN networks
  • Multichannel Contact Center
  • Service Creation Environment
  • Comprehensive Rights Management System
  • Freely Defined User Groups
  • Powerful Workflow Engine


  • Multiple Views for Workload, Status, Agent List
  • Individual Agent Menu
  • Mobile Logon to the CCC
  • Call Information
  • Call Reason Coding
  • Agent Group information
  • Call Transfer
  • Caller Blacklist
  • WebRTC Support
  • Sophisticated Queue Handling Features
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Customized Reporting


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