Mobile and Fixnet Recording (Voice / SMS / MMS)

CreaLog Call Recording

MiFID II recording for communication service providers

Financial Regulators across the globe are enacting regulation that requires the recording of mobile phone conversations of finance sector professionals, apart from the already widespread fixnet recording

We’re here to take the complexity out of compliance with our new generation of mobile and fixnet communication capture and compliance technologies.

Already installed at 10 European Telcos

Compliance recording solutions main highlights

  • Complete compliance with legal, regulatory and data security requirements like MiFID II
  • Option: Transcription by Speech Recognition (ASR) with Keyword Spotting for Semantic Speech Analytics

More details are available in our Recording Data Sheet the Mobile Call Recording White Paper or our Swisscom Case Study.


Fully MiFID II compliant

  • Calls
  • SMS
  • MMS

Strong encryption for

  • Meta Data
  • Call Recordings
  • SMS
  • MMS

Secure encryption

  • Private keys for the Banks
  • Encryption by public key
  • Decryption impossible for CSP alone

Your benefits

  • Invisible user experience on any device
  • Highly secure archive, search and playback
  • Simplified integration, management and service delivery
  • Real-time call diversion
  • CSP grade security, support and 24x7 help desk

Why mobile and fixnet communication recording?

    While compliance makes the business case, recording doesn’t just satisfy your regulators. It does so much more.

    Regulatory compliance is driving adoption of mobile MiFID II compliant recording. In general, most Financial Services Authorities require all relevant business communications conducted on the phone to be recorded and archived.

    Across Europe the EU (2014/65/EU) directive made provisions for the banking industry across the 28 member states, starting January 2018. From then on, all relevant business communication conducted on the mobile phone had to be recorded and archived in all EU member states.

    How it works

    A handset agnostic solution that delivers compliance and an invisible recording experience

    Offering deployment convenience, an impressive set of features and a seamless user experience, CreaLog Mobile and Fixnet Call Recording is the logical approach for the majority of employees. The network-centric solution eliminates the need for your customers’ administrators to download individual applications to every handset.

    CreaLog Call Recording is device-agnostic. So whichever office phone, iPhone, Blackberry or Android smartphone your customer is looking to deploy, complete compliance and the very best user experience are guaranteed.

    Evolution, not revolution for your customers

    CreaLog Call Recording is easy to deploy and administer for your clients, with no need to port networks, swap SIM cards, or change devices.

    Your customers experience no service disruption during set-up, no fragmented solutions or changes to the way they make calls. They simply extend best practices and you ensure that fulfilling regulatory obligations has minimal impact on their business operations.

    Compliance alone isn’t the whole story

    Your customers don’t have to look too hard to find more business benefits of mobile recording:

    Extended risk management

    Client conversations are very often conducted over the mobile phone. Failing to record these calls puts your customers business at risk by giving him little recourse in the event of a post-trade client dispute. A record of every call allows both client and company to accurately recall the conversation – improving dispute resolution, increasing client confidence, and reducing risk.

    Crucially, mobile recording offers a clear demonstration of regulatory compliance and sound governance to all company stakeholders – from clients and business partners to regulators.

    Delivers business continuity

    Sole reliance on conventional fixed-line call recording systems can be put at risk by disaster events, pandemics and travel disruption. It also restricts the ability of employees to work compliantly out of the office or after hours. The included mobile recording delivers a compliant environment in which financial institutions can mobilize teams and develop effective business continuity plans.

    Enables enterprise mobility

    Trading is a predominantly deskbound activity, however supporting highly mobile sales teams and wealth managers as they travel across the world remains a key priority. Doing so, and remaining compliant while engaging in client conversations, requires call recording solutions with extensive support for roaming.

    Solving your customer's challenges

    Whether client communications happen at the office or on the move, MiFID II compliant CreaLog Call Recording suits your customers needs.

    Consistent experience

    Encompassing both on-premise and cloud storage options CreaLog Mobile Call Recording delivers a consistent user experience, on all device types.

    Secure cloud storage

    Hosted in your data centers, secure storage is guaranteed. Your customers call, voicemail, SMS and MMS recordings are available through the web-based administration console for secure search and playback. Retention periods are easily extendable to assure compliance with all emerging regulations. Data retrieval is comfortable and secure  - following the Two-man principle

    More details are available in our Recording data sheet or our Swisscom Case Study.

    Please refer also to our Enterprise Recording solution for a different approach where employees have additional command of their recordings like playback and delete.

    Managed Call Recording

    Managed call recording for communication service providers

    Managed Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) Solutions like Broadsoft, Lync or Skype for Business, often fall short in easy to deploy recording options. But with CreaLog’s Managed Call Recording there is a solution to this shortfall.

    Benefits in brief

    • Perfect voice quality 
    • 100% Real-Time - no delays 
    • 100% Recording - No interactions lost 
    • Easy service roll-out within enterprise customers
    • Efficient data security to protect stored calls throughout their lifetime

    A flexible and efficient recording platform

    Hosted in the communication service provider data centers, Managed Call Recording caters for your business customer's needs on an individual basis. Each customer can administer his instance without interfering with others.

    The CreaLog Platform provides comprehensive call recording technology that adapts easily to the unique operational requirements of any customer. It supports many telephony environments, including VoIP, traditional TDM and hybrid networks, enabling a seamless transition during technology migrations, as your customer grows and evolves. It supports thousands of concurrent IP streams in a single platform: capturing, encrypting, forwarding streams in real time, recording and archiving.

    CreaLog’s recording platform gives your customers complete control over call recording. Redundancy and high-availability options provide round-the-clock functionality. Flexible recording rules let your customers meet specific needs for departments or business groups within their organization, including branch operations and work-at-home agents. Flexible storage rules determine whether recorded calls are archived on-premise or in the CSP’s data centers and for how long.

    Why you need managed call recording

    • Enrich your enterprise portfolio
    • Comprehensive multi-site call recording to optimize use of network resources and enable data center consolidation
    • On-premise and cloud deployment options for flexibility, lower upfront costs, and fast implementation

    Managed Recording for Broadsoft

    The CreaLog Call Recording Platform is confirmed as validated with BroadWorks because the Broadsoft platform offers a sophisticated interface for the integration of the CreaLog recording server.

    The SIP interface for recording is the SIPREC recording standard.
    Recording on the CreaLog recording platform with SIPREC is in stereo (channels separated). This allows to analyze called and calling party separately and offers interesting opportunities for speech analytics.

    Broadsoft Users can be configured to one of five different modes:

    • Always Mode: Calls are always recorded
    • Always Mode with Pause / Resume: Calls are always recorded, but recording can be paused and resumed
    • On-Demand Mode: Calls are always recorded, but only kept after sending a FAC (feature access code)
    • On-Demand Mode with User Initiated Start: User can start/stop recording by sending a FAC (feature access code)
    • Never Mode: No calls are recorded for this user


    • Unprecedented recording scalability with thousands of channels per recording server
    • Real-time monitoring and reports
    • Voice/Video recording
    • Next generation business continuity with high availability and lightning speed disaster recovery
    • Pay-per-use option



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