Emergency Call Routing & eCall

Call Routing

CreaLog emergency call routing significantly improves the accessibility of emergency call organizations. This is ensured by a routing system that is integrated into the CSP’s voice and IMS networks.
The assignment is made dynamically after the technical and organizational availability of the Public Safety Answering Point (PASP) has been checked. Thus, emergency calls are always routed to the optimum recipient without loss of information.

With regard to predictable and unpredictable events alike, network congestion can be prevented on the basis of predefined criteria. The greeting function proactively informs callers about major events or reduces the number of faulty calls with the help of standard greetings.

An important feature is the localization of the caller’s current position in the CSPs mobile or landline network, because the CSP has to ensure that the location information is reliably forwarded to the PSAP and to connected networks. Our solution handles this retrieval of location information from the location server or database. This includes, where required, interim location information, initial location information, and updated location information. 

CreaLog’s Emergency Call Routing supports the CSP in meeting the regulatory requirements for emergency calls specified by ETSI and ITU.



  • Location based routing
  • Location information forwarding
  • Emergency call management and distribution for dispatching


  • The CreaLog Emergency Service Control Point can be enhanced with add-on modules to meet additional requirements of PSAPs and their emergency call center.

eCall Recognizer

Since March 2018, eCall is mandatory for all new models of both cars and light commercial vehicles across the European Union. We help telecommunication companies meet the challenge of processing eCall emergency calls including their supplementary data in their respective 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile networks and routing them to the PSAPs according to EU specifications. eCall is activated automatically (or manually) by the vehicle’s built-in IVS (In Vehicle System) as soon as sensors within the vehicle detect a serious accident.

Data retrieval via Web services

eCall Recognizer by CreaLog complements existing country specific emergency call routing systems with advanced eCall routing features. Incoming manual and automated emergency calls from vehicles are accepted and modem communication is used to extract the associated MSD data, which are then evaluated. The emergency call is subsequently routed to the PSAP and the MSD is written to the emergency call data base via a standard interface where it is permanently accessible for the PSAP with the help of web services.

Added Value by transferring additional data

The eCall system offers the potential of being used for enhanced value added services. Conceivable options include supplying the car industry or insurance companies with data such as prior vehicle speed or driver’s driving style taken from the vehicle’s on-board computer.

Download the eCall Data Sheet for more information


  • Dynamic call routing for PSAPS (Emergency Call Centers)
  • Service recovery after disruption of emergency calls
  • Management of announcements for major incidents
  • Integration of calls and media from all networks
  • Location Information Forwarding System


  • Emergency call management and dispatching and resource optimization 
  • Call routing for overflows and busy hours
  • Location information forwarding to minimize case opening times 
  • Emergency call routing across 
  • All networks
  • API for integration into emergency control IT systems



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